Colored Interior Trim and Molding Trends

Designers are always trying to find creative ways to work with color in a space. And one of those creative trends is the colorful interior moldings and moldings. We do not normally give too much notice to cut. It is usually a purely utilitarian part of the room that is used to hide spaces around doors, windows and the floor. Most of the time, the moldings and moldings correspond to the door or floor covering they surround.

But many designers use casting to bring color, contrast and style to the space. Take a look below to discover creative ways to use colorful interior moldings and moldings.

Go for bright colors

One of the funniest changes to this trend is the brightly colored molding and interior trim. You can see an example on the photo above, where the wooden molding is so red that it stands out with its own accent color. To add balance to the space, this red color is used in the carpet of the hallway.

Bold moldings and moldings are great ways to work with accent color in a space. This idea is also a good style for fun and artistic spaces that will taste what is unconventional. You can find a colored wood or paint the trim itself.

As the photo above shows, the bold moldings work very well in a space where the tones are neutral. In this way, the look goes straight to the molding.

Try a monochrome style in colorful interior moldings and moldings

If you’re not quite ready for brightly colored interior moldings and moldings, you can still get that style by working with shading. The picture above shows how the dark green moldings create a subtle contrast with the lighter green walls.

You can work with any nuance for this idea. You can have different shades of red, blue or even yellow for a bold space. If you want something more subtle, you can opt for a light brown trim next to a dark brown wall. The beauty with this monochrome look is that it tends to work in any space.

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