Ways to Use Script Wall Art in Your Home

Using a script in your wall decor is a wonderful way to express yourself at home. You can incorporate your favorite inspirational quotes, beloved book snippets or even a more abstract drawing. You can also use the word art as boldly as you want or as subtly as possible. And depending on how you design the wall script, it can adapt to all styles, from the most daring artistic styles to the most neutral and transitional spaces.

There are two ways to make art on a screenplay. Many styles use stencils or decals placed directly on the walls themselves. These have a more national appearance, so we will look below at some of the most modern applications of the art of script walls.

Word Themes

You can choose an artistic word for your wall that focuses on a certain theme. The picture above shows how you can even combine different words with an image to evoke this theme. An article like this one would be suitable for a dining room or a kitchen area. Its neutral colors also mean that it would work in a wide variety of home styles, although the slightly distressed style can set it well in chic, rustic spaces.

The picture above also shows how choosing a larger print can help create a certain focal point. It is big enough to serve as a theme for the style of a room.

Recycled Partitions

One way to work with script graphics is to find a creative approach to another element. An example is the score with a song in the photo above. An article like this would be good enough alone.

Another idea of the wall art script is to use it in an art collage style or gallery wall. This allows you to work with many different quotes. Finding smaller graphics can also be more affordable. If you need to cover a whole wall, it’s a good idea to make the most of the space. And a high contrast collage can also spice up more sober murals.

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